Join me for a 3 hour makeup workshop held at Wheelhouse Media Studio (601 S. Cedar St #201 Charlotte, NC 28202) on February 26, 2017 for 12p-3p! 

$125 Class will include live demonstrations on students and models, hands-on instruction and Q&A session.

Learn how to:

  •  Create flawless skin
  •  Use makeup you already have effectively
  •  Conceal under eye darkness
  •  Easily apply false lashes/choose appropriate lashes
  •  Proper highlighting/contouring
  •  Groom brows properly (learn of my secret brow guru in Charlotte)
  •  Make eye shadow last all day and choose colors that make eyes glow
  •  Select products based on your individual needs
  •  Select tools necessary in every kit
  •  Decide where to save vs. splurge  

*Please bring your personal makeup/ tools to class for hands on portion and makeup bag makeover.