Catie Starr teaches monthly Skillpop Classes in Charlotte. Follow Catie Starr and Skillpop on Instagram to find out when the next class is scheduled!

We asked students what their favorite part of the class was:

  • I loved how knowledgeable and down to earth Catie was! She did a wonderful job explaining makeup to us without making it complicated or over our heads, and I loved that she taught how to make our makeup look as natural as possible. I left the class feeling much more confident in applying my own makeup.

  • The laid back conversation feel

  • Getting my personal questions answered.

  • Liked that she gave affordable suggestions for each part of the process (e g., concealer, powder, etc.) and took time to cover all our questions. Also liked that what she showed us was simple and can only take a few minutes.

  • The approachable, level-headed, instructor who was clearly very knowledgeable. I appreciated her being understanding of the fact that not everyone can buy/afford or wants to pay for luxury brand itesm. Suggeting Maybelline products or going to CVS instead of the Lancome counter put me at ease. I thought the instructor was excellent.

  • I actually learned how to put on eyeshadow in a way that doesn't make me look sick/like I have a black eye

In this class you will earn how to:

  • Create flawless skin

  • Use makeup you already have effectively

  • Conceal under eye darkness

  • Proper highlighting/contouring

  • Groom brows properly (learn of my secret brow guru in Charlotte)

  • Make eye shadow last all day and choose colors that make eyes glow

  • Select products based on your individual needs

  • Select tools necessary in every kit

  • Decide where to save vs. splurge

*Please bring your personal makeup/ tools to class for hands on portion