Okay tomboys, lazy girls, minimalists and people who don't want to spend a ton of time on makeup- this one is for you! After months (maybe even a year) of following Glossier on social media, reading the hype, and meeting people who swore by their products- I finally got my hands on some of their items. 

Admittedly, I originally thought they just had a bad-ass marketing/branding team- I didn't take the actual products seriously and kind of panned them as an gimmicky, insta-makeup company. I was so wrong. Every product I've ordered has become an insta-favorite. 

First of all, the packaging is rad. Who doesn't want to open a freshly delivered package of products and immediately see "YOU LOOK GOOD" printed on the inside of the lid? The products themselves come in an awesome reusable pink bubble wrap ziplock bag (longest description EVER- but accurate). Everything was carefully placed inside, which soothes my often makeup-organization-obsessive soul. The actual tubes and pots that hold the product are simple, clean and useful. No extra fussy packaging or fluff.

Click the green links below to scoop some of these super easy, super fuss free products for yourself and don't forget to comment and ask questions in the box below.


Cloud Paint $18 or $30 for two

I went with the shade "Haze". It's a beautiful, purple-y, berry shade. The consistency is kind of a pillowy gel, liquid. Sheer but buildable coverage. You really can't overdo it and all of the shades are designed to compliment every skin tone.  It looks so gorgeous and natural- just a soft, dewy wash of color. You can wear alone, over moisturizer, or layer it on top of a liquid or cream foundation (if you apply over powder, be careful- could end up looking streaky). All you need to apply are your fingertips but you could use a small synthetic stippling brush if you are feeling fancy. You can stop there or add a finishing powder to set. 



Haloscope $22

I chose the "Quartz" shade. This stuff is gorgeous... and also good for your skin. The outer "halo" is made with genuine crystal extracts (aka, shimmer) and the inner is solid oil packed with vitamins and moisture to keep you dewy and hydrated. Similar to  the consistency of a lip balm but formulated for your face. It's a perfect highlighter for the top of your cheekbones and down the center of your nose. Another product designed for every skin tone that can be applied by swiping it on right out of the stick then tapping/blending with your fingers. 



Boy Brow $16

 It's a wonderful little brow gel that comes in something that looks lie a mini-mascara tube. It has a tiny spoolie that is perfect for getting in and taming brows. The formula is a flexible wax inspired by traditional hair pomade. It says flexible which means it doesn't flake or look stiff through the day. It thickens, fills in and grooms brows in one super easy step. Just brush though until you build the thickness you want and you are done.  I use it on both gals and guys.





Wowder $22

This a loose powder that somehow mattifies ugly oil, but allows the right amount of dewy-ness to show through and it doesn't bounce back in photographs (it won't give you a white/ghost face in pics). Blurs lines and buffs away pores. It's self adjusting (which means it will easily blend to your skin tone). The packaging is equally amazing and innovative. The lid is shaped in a way that keeps the product in the well and not in the lid- this keeps it from spilling out everywhere each time you open. The powder is kept behind something I like to describe as a meshy trampoline for your brushes. You just bounce your brush on the mesh, the bristles poke through and you are left enough powder for one cheek. They currently offer 3 shade options- I bought light/medium but will be buying the other two shades for my kit.